Trial Preparation

Atkinson & Haworth, Inc.
Security Consultants - Private Investigations - Executive Protection
The Blood Alcohol Educator (BAE) allows the user to calculate their BAC level at a virtual bar based on their gender, weight and number of drinks consumed. In addition, factors such as elapsed time, drinking speed and food consumption are taken into consideration when calculating the BAC level. Learn how gender, body weight, food, and what, how much, and how fast you drink can affect your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). To run the BAE program online, your browser must have the Shockwave plug-in installed.
Betoken I
Construction litigation--contracts, building and zoning, building failures, falls, construction accidents, and material failures.
Chicago Legal Search, Ltd.
Assisting firms in their search for qualified lawyers.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs Nearest You
Illinois Adoption Registry
Enables adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, legal guardians and birth siblings to exchange medical information confidentially.
Jury Verdict and Settlement Reporting
Report Verdicts and Settlements in Illinois.
The new citation research service from West Group that integrates all case law on WESTLAW®.
My Virtual Reference Desk
Best place to start when searching general subjects!
National Legal Research Group, Inc.
The nation's oldest and largest provider of legal research. Service to more than 38,000 attorneys on over 115,000 cases and 5,000 cases per year!

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Substance abuse treatment and the criminal justice system, mental health, AIDS/HIV, domestic violence and research resources.
Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA)
North America's leading expert referral service, with more than 24,000 independent contractors in 7000 categories, handling 15,000 requests a year. "The nation's leader in record searches." SM
Specializing in background and record searches... we can find the answers you’ve been looking for.
Weather/Climate Information
Know if weather elements will affect cases. Hourly and daily weather data from anywhere in the world. Consulting and trial testimony.

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Go to the Illinois Court Reports Top Page, or go to: Illinois Supreme Court Reports or Illinois Appellate Court Reports.